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An Afternoon Biking around Tazawa Lake

My heart beat faster as we continued pedaling. The highway road took us through dense mountain forests where sunlight shone through towering pine trees, forming strange shapes. The fresh cool wind stroked my hair. We turned onto a small lane lined with rolls of chestnut tress. There was no other sound but our tires crashing […]
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Kakunodate: Sumurai Heritage & Dakigaeri Valley

Just one train station away from JR Tazawako Station, there lies this former castle town and samurai stronghold – Kakunodate. Although Kakunodate Castle is no longer there, you can still visit the old street lined with sakura trees and samurai mansions. This small town is actually a famous spot for cherry blossom viewing in Japan. In spring time, […]
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Soak your stress away at Kuroyu Onsen, Akita

The mountain air is fresh and crisp. As you gaze around, you can see autumn leaves in bright shades of red and gold playing with sunlight. You can hear the sound of birds and water running. The smell of sulfur hits your nose as you start to submerge into the warm milky water of Nyuto Onsen, […]
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